Friday, September 22, 2017

What's on eBay? 1979 GGO Decanter

"Vintage 1938-1979 Greater Greensboro Open,GGO Golf Tournament Liquor Decanter Golfer Ceramic. A Great Addition to any collection ~ Nice Coloration and Details! Measures approx 12.5" Height, Base 5" Length x 3.75" Width."

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Thank You Mr. Palmer Button

Dan Eldreth

1997 Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic Champion Frank Nobilo presents Dan Eldreth with the 1997 Worker of the Year Award. This award was presented each year by the Green Coat Club to honor the hardest working non-chairman at the year's event. The award was later changed to the Dan Eldreth Green Coat Club Worker of the Year Award to remember Dan after his death in 1999.

1974 Greater Greensboro Open

Archie Campbell, seen here with an unidentified Playboy Bunny, was an American comedian, writer, and star of Hee Haw. He was also a recording artist with several hits on the RCA label.