Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's on ebay? 1972 GGO Decanter

"Very good condition Ezra Brooks Genuine Heritage HAND DECORATED WITH 24 GOLD "Greater Greensboro Open" empty Whiskey Decanter. 1938-1972. Interesting the N in the word China is upside down. A little history: The tournament was founded in 1938 as the Greater Greensboro Open. The event has been played in Greensboro for its entire history. In its first four years, it was played at both Sedgefield Country Club and Starmount Forest Country Club, and shifted to solely Starmount Forest CC in 1942 and for the first time it was played after World War II in 1945. Starting with that 1945 event, it alternated between Starmount Forest CC and Sedgefield CC until 1952, when Starmount Forest CC hosted for a 2nd year in a row. It returned to Sedgefield CC in 1953 before Starmount Forest CC hosted three consecutive years (through 1956). Sedgefield CC hosted in 1957 before Starmount Forest CC hosted another three straight 1958-60, then back to Sedgefield from 1961 to 1976."

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