Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Rob Bencini releases new book “Pardon the Disruption. The Future You Never Saw Coming.”

Rob Bencini, MBA, Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and Economic Futurist from Greensboro, NC just released his new book “Pardon the Disruption. The Future You Never Saw Coming.” Written with co-authors Clay Rawlings and Randy Smith, attorneys from Houston TX, the book highlights the impacts that exponentially advancing technology have had – and more importantly, will have – on the legal system (Rawlings, Smith) and the economy (Bencini). “Pardon the Disruption” is written in two parts (legal and economic) and outlines the legal, economic and social trends that have been developing for years – shown in context with rapidly advancing technologies – and puts forth compelling scenarios based on these trend developments. The book addresses technology-impacted questions such as: · What happens when witnesses can no longer tell lies in court? · Is human enhancement possible? · Why are current economic development and education efforts not working? · What unnoticed trends in the workplace and the marketplace will have the biggest effects on our economic future? · How will all of these changes affect our economic and governance systems? Through entertaining fictional stories and interesting personal and historical anecdotes, the authors weave the past with their solid assessments of rapidly evolving trends to build a case for the future. “Pardon the Disruption. The Future You Never Saw Coming” promises to educate and entertain while challenging the reader to think about what the future holds. The book is available in Kindle and Nook formats and may be purchased on Amazon and at finer book stores everywhere.

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